Environmental Program

ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM – Habitat for Safe Seniors has noted a growing problem of unsightly yards with environmental hazards surrounding the homes in our older subdivisions.  Environmental Programs are accomplished in the following manner:

environmental clean upEnvironmental Clean Up - This program ensures that the surrounding home environment remains safe for the resident and does not attract unwanted pests, cause a fire hazard, or risk injury to the Senior. The community will also benefit directly by having unsightly yards maintained and free from rodents, roaches, snakes and bees. In addition, the program prevents overgrown yards from becoming a fire hazard during times of drought. This program benefits the Senior Citizen by providing a safe and clean outdoor environment while preventing possible injuries or heat related illnesses if they attempt to perform the work themselves. A site visit is made by a skilled volunteer or staff member to assess the home environment.  At that time, it is also estimated what material, labor, and equipment will be required to complete the project.  Once the assessment is complete, the project is coordinated with volunteer organizations and scheduled for completion.  In 2008, Habitat for Safe Seniors provided 34 environmental clean ups to Seniors.

environmental beautificationEnvironmental Beautifications - This program (established in 2007) is a success for our Seniors by providing outdoor activities while beautifying their homes and the community. In 2008, 607 Seniors participated in these beautification projects. The Seniors acquire excess plants and flowers from nurseries and growers, and then care for, prune and plant these items. We pick up these plants and redistribute them to Senior Citizens for their home beautification. Those Seniors that may have had repairs done or clean ups in their yards will also receive plants to cover bare spots or possibly hide piping, septic clean outs, etc. on or near their home. We are actively seeking additional nurseries and seed companies to participate in our beautification projects. The Seniors have use of a greenhouse to plant starter seeds and provide the initial care for these plants. This program has the capacity to generate income for Habitat for Safe Seniors with the possible sale of some of these plants. There is a stand on site available to display and sell these plants. This will provide a means for our Seniors to interact with the community and at the same time raise funds for our organization. These beautification projects benefit our Seniors by providing them with an outdoor activity that beautifies their neighborhood as well as their home. This also benefits our environment by eliminating waste, promoting air quality and restoring natural resources.