General Services

seniorGENERAL SERVICES – The General Services Program is the result of restructuring a number of programs.  The General Services Program helps the Senior with any other type of issue that would provide a better quality of life for them.  Some of these services may include but are not limited to:  providing trips to medical appointments, pharmacy pick ups or travel to the hospital.  Most of the Seniors that rely on this program do not have family in the immediate vicinity available to help them. Unlike other organizations that may require fees or prior scheduling, Habitat for Safe Seniors provides these services on an as needed and volunteer availability basis. At times Seniors are simply unsure who to call for help, other services may involve referrals to other organizations or simply information; often this is accomplished with one call or site visit.  Types of projects that fall under this program include moving various items to improve accessibility in and around the home to maintain a safe environment.

We have also partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank and the Bulverde Senior Center for Social Services, which allows for Seniors registered with our organization aid in applying for long term care, food stamps, and other social service programs that may be available to them.