Home Safety and Repair Program

broken stepsHOME SAFETY PROGRAM – Established to provide home safety repairs for Seniors to prevent injuries resulting from slips, trips or falls; to prevent illnesses related to mold allergies, and any other safety related issues.  Through our volunteer network, we have been able to provide more home repairs and handicap ramp installations on a regular basis.  Services provided by Habitat for Safe Seniors have grown tremendously over the past year. The Home Safety program is accomplished through our volunteers and partnering organizations through home repairs and the building of ramps.



home repair HOME REPAIRS – Rectify safety concerns in or around the home to aid in preventing injury or illness. Repairs include adding a step, fixing a handrail, stabilizing loose banisters, and replacing rotted landings.  There are also a large number of plumbing repairs that need to be addressed.   Many Seniors need various repairs all at once, creating a domino effect for them and our organization.  Home Safety repairs are accomplished through our volunteers on scheduled dates.  A site visit is made by a skilled volunteer or staff member to assess the home environment and critical need for injury or illness prevention.  At that time, it is also estimated what material, labor, and equipment will be required to complete the project.  Once the assessment is complete, the project is coordinated with volunteer organizations and scheduled for completion.  In 2008, 26 safety issue home repairs were provided to our Seniors.