Senior Center

bingoSENIOR CENTER – Our Senior Center is the initial facility for the Senior Citizen to register, receive needed help, obtain resources, volunteer, and socialize with others. Habitat for Safe Seniors offers various activities and accommodations in our Senior Center such as classroom activities, internet research, and Seniors’ bingo, card games and dominos. In 2008, there were 1,456 visits to our Senior Center.

The opportunity for socialization provided to our aging friends is a huge benefit to their wellbeing and dignity. We often find families bringing their parents or grandparents in to enjoy games, other Seniors’ company, refreshments, and caring compassion from our volunteers.  The activities offered through the Senior Center aid in supporting the independence of the elderly. To accommodate additional activities and increase socialization we need additional funding to improve and staff the Senior Center full time, which will enable us to schedule additional activities to keep up with the growing population of Senior Citizens. The Senior Center benefits the Seniors by providing a place for socialization, education, activities, and use of our emergency food pantry.

Due to the current economic crisis and lack of funding this program is INACIVE at this time.